Retirement Solutions SIG

Financial strategies for accumulating assets while working can be very different from those for spending assets in retirement.   The Retirement Solutions SIG of the AAII Houston chapter can help its members learn more about solutions for financial management in retirement and become more knowledgeable and confident of the strategies they’ve chosen.

Each Retirement Solutions SIG meeting will focus on a particular retirement financial issue.  These could include:

  • Income generation
  • Asset Allocation and Diversification
  • Tax management
  • Social Security
  • Annuities
  • Current economic conditions

Each SIG meeting will begin with a short presentation on the meeting issue by a SIG member or an invited speaker from the Houston financial community.  SIG participants can ask questions and share their experiences with various solutions.  At the end, we’ll summarize what’s been learned.

10:30 am – 12:00 pm on the second Thursday of the month

Trini Mendenhall Center
1414 Wirt Road
Houston, TX 77055

AAII members and other are welcomed to attend.  No registration or fee is required.