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AAII Houston May 11, 2021 Webinar Meeting

The Power of Factor Rotation

by Ryan Hessenthaler, Partner and COO of Lunt Capital

Factor investing has garnered significant attention by academic and industry leaders alike. Identifying and investing in groups of stocks based on “factors” (such as high momentum, high quality, and low volatility) has produced outperformance over their respective benchmarks over the long-term (20+ year). Many investors are emboldened by long-term factor outperformance. However, owning factor investments that remain out of favor for months, quarters, and even multiple years poses significant challenges. Many investors ask, “Which factors should I own and when should I own them?” Join us for a fascinating exploration of factor investment strategies.

Three lessons from this presentation which could be applied to your portfolio include:

  • To expand the factor opportunity set (i.e. traditional factors plus non-traditional factors).
  • How to employ tactical, dynamic rotation strategies to adapt with changing market conditions and capture factor trends.
  • Groups of stocks which belong to different factor groups and can be used to implement factor strategies.

Ryan Hessenthaler is a partner and the COO of Lunt Capital. He has extensive experience with financial modeling, investment index construction, market research, and quantitative analysis. Ryan served as board president for Utah Retirement Systems, a $35B+ pension fund. Ryan also served as VP Finance & Strategic Insights for CMN Hospitals, which has raised over $5 billion for 170 children’s hospitals. He was responsible for overseeing the organization’s endowments, pensions, and investment portfolios. Ryan excelled as a Finance professor and Director of the Center for Financial Analysis at Westminster College. Ryan graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of Utah and an MBA in Finance from Westminster College.

Meeting Detail
Date and Time:  
Tuesday, May 11, 2021
7:00 pm Webinar Presentation
8:15 pm Q&A

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