AAII Houston January, 2019 Meeting

Many Ways to Protect Family Wealth Capital Prior to Eldercare

by Lou Annacone, American Long Term Care nonprofit

The financial adviser world is traditionally focused on the accumulation of wealth but not schooled or skilled in risk outside of investment risk. Historically, market risk has averaged 17% during periods of market adjustment over the past 30 years with the opportunity to regain losses. The risk of the eldercare crisis is different. While the risk of a need event is somewhat low, the potential for catastrophic loss of wealth capital and the future well being of the family is at stake. Lou Annacone will cover personal finance methods and techniques, sales and transfers of assets, use of existing plans and state and federal programs that may be accessed.

At this meeting you will learn:

1. Many methods to reduce eldercare financial risk
2. The logic and math of eldercare planning
3. How state and federal programs may help .

Lou AnnaconeLou Annacone has been an active investor and financial adviser at Fortune 100 firms for 20 years. Now long retired, he has managed investment education venues in Arizona and Texas for 12 years, vetting and hosting nationally recognized speakers on subjects such as retirement investment methods, computer investment platforms, portfolio management, FINRA, SEC and taxation accounting. Annacone has been president of the Austin Chapter of the Military Officers Association.

His latest passion is a continuation of interest in eldercare advocacy. Annacone has started a nonprofit endeavor to “illuminate the eldercare predicament” starting in Texas with plans to go national. Monthly LouTalks, video presentations and social media connections help middle-aged folks realize the importance of planning for this life crisis.

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