AAII Houston August 2019 Meeting

Retirement Asset Decumulation –
a Multifaceted Challenge

by JohnO’Keefe

In this presentation, John will enumerate the many differences retirees face in switching from asset accumulation to decumulation, the conversion of those assets into income. He will draw their attention to “Sequence Risk” and ways to mitigate it through adoption of wise investing strategies, effective withdrawal strategies and all of the other components that go into making retirement a success. These include optimization of Medical Insurance, Social Security distributions, and Long Term Care Insurance.  He will also touch on Reverse Mortgages, Income Tax management, and what specific investments to use to lower retirement risk and reduce stock market exposure.

Three lessons that attendees can apply to their retirement planning include:

  • the necessity for a detailed and dynamic plan to manage this important phase of their lives
  • methods for managing their portfolios using diversification and sound investment techniques to achieve good returns with moderate levels of risk
  • the need to include all supporting financial items in the retirement plan such as Medicare, Social Security optimization, alternative investments and low correlation investments.

Following a short break, we’ll divide into two or three smaller groups to discuss the presentation and share strategies for decumulation in retirement.

Photo_John_OKeefe 2

John O’Keefe is Managing Partner, O’Keefe Capital Partners LP.  John has had a 40+ career in all aspects of the energy business working for BP and Sun Oil plus a lot of small independents. He has degrees in business and accounting from the UK and Harvard Business School. John has led mostly public companies in the US and Canada as CFO several times and CEO one time. He currently manages his investments and is active in the boards of AAII and Harvard Business school Houston chapters as well as some private companies.

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